Biohazard Cleaning

You never know when or where you might have to deal with bio-hazard waste, from sharps, bodily fluids, blood, human/animal faeces, and clinical waste. There’s an increase in void property clearances and fly tipping within communal areas. iClean-UK offer a specialist service in the cleaning, collection and removal of all bio-hazard materials.

Bio Hazardous cleaning is also required after a traumatic event or at the scene of a crime.

All Clean up involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids,blood, or tissue matter as a result of an accident, fatality or injury in the workplace, at a crime scene or after a traumatic event in a domestic or commercial property.

As well as cleaning the obvious area that has been contaminated, we also perform a deep clean throughout the wider area. This is to ensure that all possible contamination is removed even that the untrained eye would not see: such as grout, cement, upholstery, carpeting & flooring all have the potential to emanate odours if they have been contaminated with human body fluids, blood, and tissue.

Iclean-uk staff are all professionally trained in biohazard cleaning and offer a disinfection, deodorizing, and Infection control service, following property clearances; we can sanities property to remove any bio-hazard risk.

We work closely with Social Care, housing associations, police stations and the community. As well as schools, hospitals and vetinary practices.